Tips for Buying the Right Preowned Car

For a lot of people, buying a car is a decision that the heart makes. But it can help to have a few practical tips to help you and your wallet. A lot of people are now opting for preowned cars, and the reason is that they save you a lot of money.

You don’t take a huge hit on price due to depreciation. Well-maintained cars can give you hassle-free performance even past the magic 100k miles mark.

There are a lot of great deals out there for you to find. Online tools and websites can help you find the right car at the right price. We at Allied Motors Dubai have come up with a few pointers that can help. Here’s what you should be looking for when selecting a preowned car.

Educate Yourself In The Language

Car Buying and selling have their own set of jargons. And to be effective at getting the best deals, you need to start learning it. As technology improves, there are going to be more challenging labels to memorize.

An example of what could be confusing, “That car comes with a 4.7L DOHC engine and has EBD and ABS as standard.” You need to know these jargons and how important they are to you. ABS means anti-lock brakes, which you need when in high-speed traffic areas like Dubai.

Getting The Right Model

If you are interested in a specific brand of automobile, then do your research to find the model. Car models can have a lot of varying features. Some of them even include changes to the design or the engine.

Use online tools to find out what exactly you’re looking for. A newer model at a higher cost may be worth it for your needs. There are also chances where newer models may have the feature you were looking for.

Shortlist Several Vehicles

When shopping for Preowned cars, never make assumptions about getting the exact car you’re looking at. If you’re looking for a BMW 5 Series, your search should be “preowned BMW 5 Dubai” and not confined to a specific area. It also decreases the chances that you might overlook a deal.

Understand The Process

The process of buying a preowned car is fairly straightforward. But some nuances exist which you need to know. Read the Advertisement carefully several times. It should be clear as to what they’re selling.

The more detailed the description is, the better your chances are of finding a good car. Also, the ad needs to have pictures to support their claim. Sometimes they might not have an updated picture or may have the wrong image uploaded.

Call the seller at a time which you think is not intrusive. Make sure you have complete visibility of the car.


Opt For The Right Time When Shopping

Choosing the right time of the day, month, and the year is critical to car buying. We already discussed how important the time of day is. They might be expecting new stock during the next month. This means you can probably get a better deal out of it. Talking about a year, look for the end of year sales or during the Holy Month of Ramadan. There are high chances of great deals for the car you’ve always wanted.

Always Buy Before You Need It

The key to getting the right car is to decide on one before you’re going to need it. If your current car is giving you grief, you need to look out for a replacement before it gets worse. You do not want to be stranded by the side of the road, especially in a sweltering Dubai afternoon.

A new job which requires you to travel far and so want an upgrade? Don’t wait till the last minute. The reason is when you have time; you can negotiate better. Your car which you’re trading in will also get you a better price.

Inspect Ownership Records

When negotiating for a preowned car, check the ownership records. Most preowned showrooms are upfront about this and maintain a full disclosure policy. It can have several details about the car.

You can find if the car has been in some accident previously. Or if maintenance has been carried out regularly. These red flags might mean you need to bring in a mechanic to inspect the car. It can also help verify the number of owners of the car. We recommend you to visit Allied Motors as all the listed quality vehicleshere are fully inspected and accident-free genuine cars.

Look Around For Great Deals

The preowned car industry is booming in Dubai, and there are a lot of cars on the market. The key is to get the best deal of the available ones. 

Visit Quality Preowned Car Showroom like Allied Motors to find the best price for the car you want.

Test Driving The Car Right

A test drive is important to get done when buying a preowned car. This is especially true when it’s your first car or a new model which you haven’t driven.

Choose to drive it around a place which has a mix of everything. This includes potholes, rough roads, maybe even U-turns. This can tell you a lot about the mechanical components of the car like brakes, suspension, steering, and gearbox. You don’t have to be an expert to understand what’s wrong. Just spend few minutes and listen for unusual noises and vibrations from the car when driving or in parked area.

Remember That ItIs All Business

While the underlying fact is that car buying is an emotional trip, it is a business transaction first. You aim to get the car at a price you can afford. The other party aims to sell it to you in good faith.

As long as both parties are professional about this, there is nothing to worry. There are experienced preowned car agencies that can help you with this.

Professional preowned car showrooms like Allied Motors can help you estimate the right value of a preowned car. It can give you a lot of insights into how the car is priced.

Consider Older Models As Well

When looking for a used car to buy, you should also check on the preceding model years. There are chances that they are identical feature-wise and might only have a redesign.

An older model can reduce the buying price and maintenance for an owner. Also, the older the model of the car, the more negotiation room you have. But the key is to check if you get the same functionalities like the one you had in mind.

Ask For Trade-in Values

When you’re dealing with a Preowned car showroom in Dubai, it is important to focus on trade-in value. This can impact the final price of your used car. This might be something that you need to search around for a bit.

Opt for car showroom like Allied Motors who give you the best trade-in value for your car.

High-Quality Preowned Cars

If you want to avoid all the hassle of personal inspections and other formalities when buying a Quality pre-owned cars in Dubai than just visit Allied Motors who offers the benefit of having all the cars they retail fully inspected, rectified and valeted before being displayed for sale. Allied Motors quality used cars are low mileage, genuine cars offered with a minimum 1 year warranty. At Allied Motors we offer “True Value” by giving best deals and quicker buying solutions giving customers absolute peace of mind.

Let Them Know What You Want

The objective of a preowned car showroom is to connect you with the car you want. As a customer, you need to let them know what it is you’re looking for.

People have specific requirements, for example, a long drive to work and back. The chances are that the showroom doesn’t know about this vital piece of data. Information like this should be shared with your showroom agent. It can help them, and you find the car you need quicker.

Prefer To Do Your Research Online

Since most of the pre-owned car showrooms are available online, there is no need for you to go there in person. And this especially helps in these times where public exposure needs to be kept to a minimum.

You only need to visit a car showroom when you need to inspect, test drive or buy the car. Most pre-owned car showrooms today take precautions against COVID-19 and are safe. At Allied Motors all our cars are listed online on and prior appointment can be scheduled for inspection, test dive and further assistance.

Check The Showroom’s Online Reputation

With the advent of the review system on Google, every person can rate their experience with a showroom. If you’ve shortlisted a few agencies, make sure that you check their review scores online. It can give you valuable insights into how they conduct their business, and how they take care and treat the customers with their services.

If you are looking for accident-free high-quality cars, then go with Allied Motors. Our selection consists of hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and commercial vehicles. Get in touch with us now!