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Allied Motors focuses globally on trading of brand new, luxury and electric vehicles. Having commenced operation in 2019, our customer centric and value-added approach of Allied Motors makes it customer’s first choice. Allied Motors has a team of well experienced professionals with more than a decade of successful track record. Allied Motors have the expertise to deliver world-class tailor-made solutions on time with cost effective approach in tune with customer requirements. Allied Motors strength is its competitive pricing and excellent supply chain management with an extensive inventory of multi brand vehicles.

Allied Motors also trades in various brands of spare parts to cater to the global market needs with efficient sourcing and excellent supply chain management. Allied Motors after sales services includes handling of import and export documentation, customs clearance, inland logistic clearance and insured shipping to many cities globally for both corporate and individual clients. To ensure maximum customer convenience and easy access from any part of the globe, Allied Motors user friendly website and Mobile app are launched to bridge the gap and create business opportunities with potential customers.

The advantage of having a business relationship with Allied Motors is a unique and luxury experience.

Extensive Local & Global Experience

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and with our wide network presence in Thailand, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia help us to deliver better and faster service globally across all the segments; be it for American, European, Japanese, Korean, Luxury and Right-Hand Drive vehicles.

Our expertise in procurement, warehousing and logistics universally helps us to provide the best to our customers when it comes to the timely delivery of our services globally.

Our footprint in various countries gives an opportunity for our customers to reach or procure from us with ease.

New Cars Trading

Luxury Cars For Sale | Japanese Car Trader

JAPANESE VEHICLES: Being a veteran in the automobile industry, we have reliable sources to procure all types of Japanese vehicles be it Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki, etc.

KOREAN VEHICLES: Our concentration on Korean makes is centered on Hyundai and Kia models. Strong vendor network and supply chain management helps us in providing faster, cost-effective delivery compared to other players in the market.

EUROPEAN VEHICLES: Our expertise in the trading of marque European vehicles includes Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Peugeot, etc. We can also source vehicles as per customer requirements and customize it with additional features.

AMERICAN VEHICLES: We have strong tie-ups with reliable vendors for all types of brand-new US manufactured vehicles; such as, GM, Ford, Toyota and Lexus.

LUXURY VEHICLES: Our access to luxury flagship makes consists of Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maybach and exotic cars like Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and many more at very competitive prices in quick response time due to our strong partner network across the globe.

RIGHT-HAND DRIVE VEHICLES: Our right-hand drive trading is set up to meet the growing global demand for Japanese, European and other RHD vehicles. Our strong vendor connection helps us to easily source the best quality vehicles as per our customer requirements.

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: We Have recently introduced the re-export of new electric vehicles in order to meet the demand of zero-emission 100% electric cars and also play a major role in reducing carbon footprint. We have strong tie-ups with European and Fareast vendors for the supply of brand-new electric cars manufactured by global car manufacturers such as Tesla, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Toyota and more upcoming models.

American Car Trader | Lexus Car Trader

DUCAMZ Showroom

Allied Motors new car showroom in Dubai Auto Zone (DUCAMZ) primarily focuses on the export of new cars, RHD Cars and Electric Cars to all global markets. With a huge demand for various types of vehicles from international markets, our presence inside DUCAMZ ensures fast procurement and timely delivery in order to meet customer satisfaction.  

Pre Owned Showroom

Al Aweer Showroom

True Value:Allied Motors ‘True Value’ is operational with a very own specialised showroom in Al Aweer Auto Market in order to meet the strong demand for value for money cars in the local and global markets.

Keeping the ‘True Value’ approach at the forefront, our sole and overriding objective is to inspire the car buyers, through a meticulous integration of technology and provide fast track service.

‘True Value’ is a place for giving customers the best ever car buying experience, with diverse choices and utmost peace of mind. The customer handling process from the moment they enter the showroom is carried out quite carefully and diligently till they exit.

Spare Parts


Spare Parts

Our spare parts department is supported strongly by an efficient distribution network and a reliable vendor base. In a short period, we have developed a strong presence globally. We are acknowledged widely as one of the prominent exporter, supplier and trader of spare parts providing the best-personalized service and arrange prompt delivery of the consignment.

We specialize in sourcing Genuine Parts, OEM Parts and Aftermarket Parts at very competitive rates for local and global sales. Our excellent procurement network with suppliers enables us to source any spare parts in quick response time to meet the delivery commitments as per our customer needs.

In certain markets where spare parts for leading automotive brands are limited or no supply, we have the resources to arrange with our reliable vendors to supply all kinds of spare parts to those markets adequately as per our customer requirements. Our vast industry expertise and know-how of the latest changes in technology and client preferences enables us to keep pace with the market.

Spare parts are vital for the longevity and performance of a vehicle, as well as the safety and driving pleasure for the passengers. Our quality spare parts deliver long-lasting performance at a cost-effective price.


We maintain a large inventory of parts at the modern distribution center in Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), ensuring easy availability and service efficiency. Our sophisticated stock management system with an electronic parts inventory and automated order placement ensures the right parts are always available at any time.


We mainly deal with genuine parts, sourced from recognized vendors for all Toyota models as per our customer requirement.


We also arrange OEM parts for other makes and models based on our customer inquiry.


For customers looking for an alternative lower cost part options, we can arrange aftermarket parts from reliable supplier making them very appealing and the best option.




We provide extensive support for all types of logistic services by monitoring and efficiently planning the entire transit process. In addition, we provide assurance to all our consignments from the time its dispatched till it reaches its destination as per customer requirement on-time at affordable price. 


We arrange vehicle armoring and ambulance conversion in addition to a wide range of vehicle fitment and accessories options as per our customer requirement. Our extensive line of options allows our customers to add additional utilities, safety and security systems, and more with guaranteed high-quality workmanship finish. We provide field-tested holistic approach design and proven manufacturing methods to seamlessly integrate armoring or additional fitments into vehicles, without altering the appearance and maintaining the original design of the vehicle using the latest cutting edge technology in every instance. To prepare customized vehicles for the most hostile environments and to ensure they meet the highest safety and quality standards, all customized vehicles undergo rigorous testing.



We practice value addition to our customers by delivering quality products following international standards. Our inventory levels are updated as per market demand and requirement with the best price assured. Our global presence helps us providing immediate support, reliable solutions, legal document clearance and diverse communication, when our valuable customers are in seek of any urgent assistance anywhere at anytime.

Our Team

Our team members possess a versatile knowledge in the automobile industry that allows us to embrace and nurture a unique business culture with a proactive approach. Our dedicated employees are committed in assisting our customers to make the right choice, provide cost-effective solutions in order to fulfill their requirements.

  Our team is set with well-defined goals, which motivate them to accomplish the organizational goals with a high standard of customer satisfaction. Always a high level of inter-dependence is maintained among our team members to ensure a smooth workflow. We continuously provide training to all our employees under professional guidance and enhance their core skills to meet today’s business need and prepare them to face future challenges.

Team Strength: Accomplishment, Leadership, Liability, Integrity, Efficiency and Dynamic.

Team Motto: To create longstanding relationships, loyalty and mutual trust with our customers to serve world-class service.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Allied Motors, we are committed to a high standard of CSR initiatives.

Environment:  We strive to reduce paperwork in order to reduce the carbon footprint by upgrading and integrating all our business applications.

Philanthropy: We are committed to support any charity organization whose motto is to uplift the society and people.

Best HR practices: We continuously endeavor on the development and wellbeing of our human resources with fair and ethical practice.

Ethical Business practices: We dedicate a healthy business environment, and we value all our stakeholders.