The Ideal Electric Vehicle For Outdoor Activities And Toad Trips

The Electric Vehicle for Outdoor activities


EVs have and continue to change the face of transportation as we know it. They produce zero direct emissions during operations, unlike Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). When using EVs, people are not at risk of harmful substances like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. All these benefits make EVs the better choice for the future. 


Of all the current EV models this year, there are two notable ones in our showrooms – the Toyota BZ4X and the Honda ENS:1. These vehicles encapsulate all the benefits of EVs and are a nod to a cleaner future. Both these vehicles are packed to the brim with technology and are robust platforms. 


Let’s look at the different choices for making long-distance trips with EVs.


Toyota BZ4X

With one of the most reliable manufacturers today behind this car, it was definitely going to be one of the contenders in the market. It is a new and cutting-edge electric SUV that looks sleek and has advanced assists for the driver. The car’s ride is comfortable and soaks bumps and imperfections well. One of its most eye-opening features for long-distance driving is its range of 600+ km on full charge. It can support quick charging, so it’s great for use within the city.  


Honda ENS:1

The Honda ENS:1 is a stylish and compact EV offering a unique driving experience. Its exterior design and quirky interior features make it stand out from other EVs on the market. When it comes to looks, Honda ENS:1 has been inspired by retro design cues, and they’ve executed it brilliantly. While it is aimed at city driving, it can also do slightly longer weekend trips. It has a range of 500+ km on full charge, and with quick charging you can be on your way quickly. 



A mid-size practical SUV built on EV technology from VW, the ID.4 is perfect for the new EV adopter. It has a spacious interior and enough room for five passengers to sit comfortably. They can also pack a bag each, and it will still have space remaining. The ride is smooth and quiet, along with technological upgrades that make it much safer. With an estimated range of over 550+ km and fast-charging capabilities, it’s perfect for daily drives and longer road trips. 



The VW ID.6 is the next model after the ID.4 from VW based on the same premise. It offers a silent and comfortable ride powered by a durable EV motor. One of the main differences between the two models is that the ID.6 is a lot longer than the ID.4. It makes this comfortable enough to carry up to seven people in style and comfort. While larger, it is as easy to drive as the smaller model. It also has a range of 600+ kms, 50 kms more than the ID.4. Overall, the VW ID.6 is an upscale and practical choice for those looking for a high-end electric vehicle.


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