Why Is this the Right Time to Buy a Used Car?

Every cloud has a silver lining, and residents or expats who plan to buy used cars these days know that well. Lucky for them, the Covid-19 menace has opened a crevice of great opportunities. Stick around as we discuss it.

1) Supply and Demand 

The pandemic drove many expatriates to hop into repatriation flights heading home. The cars they put up for sale flooded the used-car market inacross the GCC. This sudden influx affected the price of pre-owned cars.

Also, those who suffered salary cuts found their luxury cars a white elephant. Many of them chose to sell them off or switch over to cheaper used-cars.

Fleet operators like rent-a-car services are also selling off their cars. This high supply has put the otherwise resilient pre-owned-car market in a tight spot. This, by the way, spells good for customers searching for used cars at affordable rates.

2) Price Drop Across the Board

According to a latest article, the pressure on the valuation of pre-owned cars for sale in Dubai is high.

For example, three of the best-used cars in Dubai are Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi. Their prices saw a 10-20 % drop and because of the current economic situation the retail prices begin from AED 42,000 onwards.


3) Educated Buyers

Another reason is that buyers now are more educated about the fair price of a used car. This flies in the face of private sellers overvaluing cars to secure higher profit.

Industry experts say that buyers will not bother to consider a car when its advertised price is high. Apart from the websites listing such cars, newspapers also list them in classifieds. Be sure to check whether these adverts provide detailed information about the car. Be it in print or web, an advertisement with a few details means the seller has too much to hide. It is always better to go withquality preowned carsellers like Allied Motors.


4) Peer Choices Speak Much

The pre-owned car market has always been stronger than its new-car one.  Also Covid-induced sales drop in the second-hand car market wasless compared to new car sales.  This speaks volumes of where customers’ preference lies.

The market will weather the Covid storm by offering vehicles atgood value than new cars. However, experts expect the full recovery of the market by the next quarter of 2021.

This is good news for those making their first car purchase or foreigners coming to the country. The latter might find it better to buy one of the pre-owned quality cars than to import their old ones.


5) Yours and Your Family’s Safety

Public transport systems can help you commute cheaply. However, the risk of coronavirus infection has made many to decide on owning a car.

Having a car means you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the risk of infection while going out. If you are short on budget, you can buy a quality preowned car from any of Dubai’s used car dealers. Allied Motors, for example, as part of the vehicle preparation includes detailed interior and exteriorCleaning in addition to full inspection before it goes on the floor for sale.


 6) Which Should Be Your First Car? New or Used?

If it is a new car, you are its first owner and less likely to encounter some maintenance cost in the next few years. You can get a local bank to finance your purchase. On top of all, you will get attractive deals from car dealerships across these days. On the flip side, a new car is pricier, and its depreciation starts as soon as you take it out of the showroom.

If it is a used car, you might land a good value-for-money deal. Also, the depreciation of a used car is not as fast as that of a new one. You also have the freedom to choose to buy either from a used-car showroom or a private seller. You can also get service coverage and a warranty if you buy from a certified seller.

The biggest drawback, however, is the maintenance cost. If you are not careful, you might end up buying a car with parts at the end of their service life. So it is always safe to approach a quality preowned car showroom like Allied Motors  to purchase your car.


7) Negotiate Your Way to a Better Deal

Hopefullyit is safe to assume that you are looking for pre-owned certified cars in Dubai. You might be wondering where you can land a better deal: From dealerships or private sellers. Buying from each carries its advantages and disadvantages.

A) Quality Preowned Car Showroom

Preowned Car Showrooms like Allied Motors havestrong supplier source and inventory of luxury and mainstreamquality preowned cars. This means you have a widermodel selections to choose from hatchback, sedan or SUV without worrying about any hidden defects.Used car showrooms also offerwarranty and quality after sale support for a nominal fee on the vehicle.

B) Private sellers

With private sellers, you can expect a price lesser than the asking price by most dealerships. But you need to be doubly cautious. Inspect the vehicle thoroughly for any defects. Check the service history. Check the police records to see whether the car had had an accident or has a pending fine. Spend 15-20 mins alone with the car to ensure the car has no negative signals & looks satisfied. With Allied Motors, all our vehicles are 99pt checked and restored to showroom condition with a 1-year warranty


8) Some of the Best-Used Cars for Sale

This list is to give you a head start, not to promote any brand or car.

A) Hyundai I10

This successful hatchback from the South Korean automaker is quiet, compact, and comfortable. It is reliable for both daily commute and long drives.

B)BMW, 3 Series

This people’s car combinescomfortwith reliability. Its high safety standards and builds quality make it a worthy option.

C) Mitsubishi, Pajero

Pajerois more spacious than other cars and is reliable. You can drive it for thousands of kilometers, spending almost nothing on maintenance. If it is a SUV that you are buying, you can consider buying from a Preowned car showroom like Allied Motors for ready to drive and go.


9) What You Should Know Before Buying a Used Car in Dubai?

A) Getting your hands on thevehicle history of a pre-owned car is the first step. If you don’t know much about cars, get a mechanic to inspect the car for you. Ensure that the car’s chassis, engine, and VINs match those in the documents.

B) Much of the car’s history will be in the way it looks. If the vehicle has dents, scratches, and bends, you can use them to drive down the price further. Check for the brakes and tires.

C) Get inside the car and switch on the AC. Wait until you are 100 % sure that it is working. Turn the knobs and flip the switches and ensure they are working. Check the meter and the kilometre to see if it is manipulated.

D) Test drive thecar you plan to buy. Drive for a few kilometres to get to know the vehicle a bit. Listen to the engine noise. Change the gear and accelerate.


10) Registering a Used Car in Dubai

To register a car in Dubai just visit RTA website for up-to-date information. For any further assistance please contact our preowned car department for any after sales support.