Understanding the Value of Japanese & Korean New Cars

Understanding The Value Of Japanese & Korean New Cars


A simple look into the current car market reveals something surprising – Japanese and Korean car traders have managed to take over a majority of the car market! Their dominance of the overseas market is not just a flash in the pan but one of perseverance and adherence to quality. There are several reasons why they’ve been able to make it big in the global market. 


The rising costs and inflation have forced people to look at cheaper and more frugal options – both checkboxes these manufacturers tick. Their quality of spares ensures maintenance, which is also something that won’t worry buyers. Even their technological prowess is far ahead of that of other manufacturers. 


These are but a few vital and desirable traits that can make any seasoned automobile enthusiast sit up and take notice. When it comes to resale, they also hold their value a lot better than other cars. Here is a detailed look into why people value Japanese and Korean cars highly. 


Crucial Aspects of Korean and Japanese Automobiles

1. Reliability & Durability

The best reason to own a car from these manufacturers is their bulletproof reliability and durability. Japanese, especially, are known to make cars that can accrue a lot of mileage. The US and UK are no strangers to automobiles. In fact, they’re the countries that adopted them the earliest. But still, they find that Japanese and Korean cars have completely flooded the market.


The goal for these manufacturers is simple – the car should not break down even when used in harsh conditions. More realistically, no car is immune to breakdowns, but an added advantage of these cars is that they are cheaper to repair. While most companies are trying to get this right, not many have come close.


2. Innovation & Technology

If there’s one thing that you can be sure of, it’s the fact that these brands will bring their best technology to the table! People who own a Japanese or Korean car can attest to this fact. And the best part is that they give it to buyers at a fraction of the cost of other brands. If there’s a new gizmo or tech wizardry that you read about in a car magazine, you can be pretty sure these cars will get it next year, sometimes even sooner.


The latest car-tech like collision avoidance, drive-by-wire, and assisted parking are already available on most of the models. They even come standard on a few higher-end models. You can count on Japanese and Korean brands to come up with new and innovative technology every year. 


Crucial Aspects Of Korean And Japanese Automobiles

3. Efficiency & Fuel Economy

Another notable characteristic of these cars are that they only take small sips of fuel (or battery) when being driven. It is part of automobile folklore how high Japanese and Koreans developmental standards are when it comes to their engines. This extreme focus on quality results in a much smoother drive with better economy.


Another less perceived but equally important part of their efficiency is their design. The engineers focus on lowering the drag coefficient of their cars as low as possible. It results in less drag which means better fuel efficiency and less power needed to go fast.


4. Luxurious Design

Even today, people still think they have to choose between a car that is dependable and one that looks sophisticated. A modern Japanese or Korean car will have all the bells and whistles that you expect from a luxury car while being reliable.  


They have perfected the art of looking good while being as tough as nails when it comes to durability. If you want evidence, you only have to take a look at Toyota’s Land Cruiser LC300 or the Lexus LX600. It is one of the most premium SUVs money can buy but you never hear complaints of it breaking down, ever. The same goes for the new Hyundai and Kia variants which also looks great but is as reliable as a sledge hammer.


5. Value For Money

Last but not least, the VFM factor for these cars is off the charts. First-time buyers will find that they are priced well below their competition for the same specifications. Japanese and Koreans are able to deliver much more ‘car per dollar’ because of their stringent manufacturing processes. 


Car manufacturers from both these countries are famous for endless optimization of their assembly lines. They make hundreds of improvements every year, which results in better quality cars for users. Most notably, Toyota is known for its ‘Kaizen’ philosophy, which means continuous improvement of their process.


As you might now have concluded, there are several tangible benefits when you choose to buy a Japanese or Korean car. They have conquered many frontiers across the world with their impressive features and reliability. In fact, brands like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and others from this territory have set high expectations for customers with their reliability, technology and safety advancements. 


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