The Incredible Beast: The All-New Mercedes Benz G-Class 2022 Is An Awesome Pride


The Mercedes-Benz brand is known to be reliable, safe, and luxurious. With its slogan “The Best or Nothing,” Mercedes-Benz aims to deliver the best car for its customers.

Mercedes-Benz provides an excellent experience for its customers and employees. They accomplish this by producing quality vehicles and being innovative.

One of the most followed Mercedes models is the G class of SUVs. They are known to be big and bold machines that are reliable and powerful.

The new G-Class has been unveiled. The latest incarnation of the car will be available with a range of petrol engines G500 and more powerful G63 AMG V-8 and turbo diesel engine G350D inline – 6 with the option of choosing between Stainless Steel Package, AMG Line Package, Night Package and AMG Night Package. You can be assured that they will be powerful and rugged.


1. Technical features

More often than not, people are used to seeing SUVs that are just driven around roads at this price range. Not the Mercedes Benz G-Class, though. It is a big powerful SUV, and it can be driven almost anywhere.

Even the choice of engines is not something that you’d see on an ordinary SUVs. The starting engine configuration is a twin-turbo V8 making 422 horsepower, which would shame most sports cars.

But it even gets more powerful – the top-spec engine is a mind-boggling 585 horsepower AMG G63 variant.

Also there is a turbo diesel inline 6 option generating 286 horsepower that is powerful and superior as never before.

All this power is channeled through a quick and sophisticated 9G-TRONIC transmission on the G350d and G500; however, the G63 gets an advanced AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 9G-TRONIC. This works well even when you take the SUV offroad.

The acceleration figures are rapid to say the least. Not many people would expect this sort of performance figures from a huge, boxy SUV.

The Mercedes Benz G-Class has locking differentials and low-range gearing. It makes it feel much more aggressive and smooth when off-roading on any type of terrain conditions.

It has independent suspension, which feels great on and off-road. It adapts to driver input and feels much more comfortable than previous models.


2. Interior features

When you buy a Mercedes Benz G-Class, it’s all about luxury and opulence. And to its credit, the SUV doesn’t disappoint anyone here. Even the standard features are things you don’t get as options in other cars.

Heated or cooled seats and leather upholstery are some of the more premium standard options. It comes with fantastic three-zone climate control, which ensures the comfort of all occupants. The cabin is light and airy, as is typical with the G-class, and it has a good amount of headroom, even for tall people.

The driver’s view is dominated by a 12.3 inch full customizable digital cluster. It looks and feels premium with snappy animations.

Mercedes offers up to 54 different types of materials for your choice of upholstery. You can come up with unique combinations which ensure your G-class isn’t like any other.

Talking about interior space, it has a lot of it. It comes with ample storage options, but with the third row folded, it becomes huge.

It rounds this off with a brilliant 15-speaker Burmester audio and infotainment system. You get an incredible sounding experience, and it’s compatible with both Apple Carplay and Android Auto.


3. Exterior features

The first thing anyone notices with the Mercedes Benz G-Class is its unmistakable styling. It is boxy but at the same time has changed over the years.

From just the silhouette, it’s a certified Mercedes Benz G-Class. You won’t confuse it with anything else. It has a powerful presence on the road that is seldom matched by other cars or SUVs.

Most of its road presence can be attributed to its height and dimensions. It stands over 77.5 inches tall, which makes sure you look over everything but trucks.

The extreme break-over and departure angles mean it’s comfortable off the road as it is on them.

This year, it comes with updated styling hints, including redesigned headlights and a few renewed bits and bobs. But overall, it maintains the same ethos that has existed for over 40 years.

Prospective owners will get a huge choice of colors and combinations. This will ensure that your G-class is truly unique and suited to your tastes.

You get a mind-boggling 37 colors and trims to choose from. It ranges from understated colors such as Polar White to exotic shades like G manufaktur Jupiter Red.


4. Safety features

As with most Mercedes Benz models, you get uncompromising safety in this car. It comes with crumple zones all around the car. This protects the occupants in case of a crash.

Owners also get a slew of electronic aids to help them drive safer. This includes stability control, brake assist, cruise control, climb, and descent assists, and more.

You also get a 360-degree view courtesy of the five exterior cameras on the car. Anti-lock brakes and ten airbags come as standard on every model.

Finally, the driver also gets advanced assistance features like forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking. It also comes with lane assist, further improving the safety feature list.