RHD Cars – Primarily Focusing On Our New Arrival Toyota Prado

One of the most influential luxury SUVs in the market for nearly the last three decades has been undoubtedly the Toyota Prado. With powerful good looks and a lot of performance, it has been a great option for families to travel in.

It could be comfortable on and off-road and is one of the most popular models re-exported outside UAE. It looks brawny and feels like it is carved out of a single block of metal. And you’d think it is because Toyota has spared no expense in getting the best parts and components on this behemoth.

The SUV is robust and still comes with a proven body-on-frame construction. But it has several amenities and modern tech that makes it a pleasure to live with. It glides over hard and broken terrain, keeping you and your family comfortable inside. A Prado is definitely one of the best cars to use all year round.

How Spacious Is It?

The Prado is big inside and out, which makes it a great choice for larger families. It is a proper seven-seater with enough room for adults even in the last row. Most other SUVs have trouble with smaller doors in this range. Prado’s height and size of doors make easy entry and exit possible. The large doors are also really light but strong, making it even more convenient.

The seats are well-appointed and super comfortable, even for long journeys. It has a huge luggage area with ample space for luggage for vacation trips. You can also fold down the third-row seats for even more luggage space. You get about 600+ liters of usable space. Another point in its favor is that you can tow a trailer weighing up to 3000 kgs.

What Technology Improvement Does It have?

The Toyota Prado comes with all the latest features that people expect. You get a powerful 2.8 -liter diesel engine that produces 170 bhp and 450 nm of torque. It comes with a six-speed automatic transmission and a full-time four-wheel-drive system. The headlights are bi-LED, and running lights are LED to provide great lighting under all conditions.

Now let’s talk about features and technology inside the cabin. It comes with a large and responsive 9-inch touchscreen multimedia unit. You also get a smart entry start, three-zone climate control, rear parking sensors, and a camera, among other things.

All that may seem like a lot, but we aren’t done yet! It also comes with active cruise control making those long journeys less tiresome. The front seats are power-adjustable with cooling and heating included.

Other notable technology highlights on the Prado include all-around cameras, light-sensing headlights, keyless entry, and rain-sensing wipers. As you can see, the Prado comes filled to the brim with useful and exciting technology features.

Safety And Daily Driver Usability

A lot of people look at the size of the Prado and feel intimidated to use it as a daily driver. But surprisingly, it’s fairly easy to live with it and not at all difficult to drive around town. While it is true that the turning radius might be a bit high at 11.6M, the rest of it is city-friendly.

The engine has enough power to propel you through traffic in any gear. The ride and handling are quite good as well due to the high-quality, independent suspension setup.

All Toyota vehicles have a lot of safety features built into them, and the Prado doesn’t disappoint here. It is rated five-star from ANCAP and is extremely safe for the occupants. The Toyota Prado comes with a whole host of driver-assist tech, including Toyota Safety Sense.

Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert, Downhill Assist Control, Vehicle Stability, Traction Control, Electronic Brake Distribution along with ABS comes as part of the safety package. It also has front, knee and side curtain airbags which can be a lifesaver in an accident.

Model Specification

For 2021, Allied Motors have 3 models in stock for your buying pleasure. These are the TX, TXL, and TZ-G models all new for this year. It has a smooth shifting six-speed automatic transmission and 4×4 drive system that can deal with all kinds of uneven terrain. You also get high-end features like radar assisted cruise control and collision avoidance support.

The Toyota Prado is a fantastic machine for small and large families. It has ample space to seat 7 people in comfort and keep you cool in the warmest of summers. It has a high-performance engine and bulletproof reliability which we’ve come to expect from Toyota. The host of electronic wizardry keep you focused on the road and your loved ones safe. The Toyota Prado is one of the best SUVs in the market to own.