Quick Guide To Vehicle Conversion & Unique Fitments


It is customary for people to change and adapt certain parts of their vehicles to suit their needs better. Vehicle conversion is a thriving industry and has been for well over a century. Initially, it was very small modifications, but later it became a much more specialized niche. 

With enough expertise and knowledge, people have been able to extensively modify their vehicles. It can range from facelift, exterior or interior fitments to armoring it for extra protection. There are also several places today where you can get them done at high-quality. 

At Allied Motors, we focus on delivering quality converted vehicles. We ensure that we stick to the most stringent norms during conversions. Take a look at our fleet of converted vehicles


Reasons To Choose Converted Models

If you want a truly unique car for a purpose, you’re better off choosing one of the popular fitment friendly cars that are available in our portfolio. Allied Motors offers a huge range of conversions options for the vehicles selected. We have tie-ups with the best supplier for vehicle conversion using the best materials and tools for the job. Our reputed partners are certified with conversions and fitments with strong track record, which can give you peace of mind with the quality of finish. 

Here are some reasons to choose converted models.

1. Built For Purpose

One of the niche common fitment services is armoring. Our experienced team can share their vast knowledge in getting the right conversion based on customer requirements in order to ensure the safety of the passengers from any types of external forces. Opting for a customized conversion rather than buying it new saves you money. It is also more effective as you can select the ideal package suitable.

Armoring is not a simple job, and it requires a lot of specialists to get it done. Our reputed partners ensures that you get the best materials in the market and skilled people doing the fitment. We can help you with armoring options for various vehicles, from your Mercedes Benz SUV to your Toyota Landcruiser you name it and we arrange it.


2. Unique And Appealing

If you like cars to have a unique look, you’ve come to the right place. Allied Motors can help you get a vehicle that can stand out in a crowd. We are sure that you will turn heads with our modifications and get a lot of appreciative glances when you drive it around the city. 

All you have to do is to take a look at our Mercedes Benz G63 modifications. Even by itself, a G63 is a vehicle with a lot of road presence. But you can take it even further with our facelift and body kit option. You can also opt for our MBS Automotive package for your G Wagon. 

Another candidate for a unique-looking vehicle with us is the Toyota Landcruiser. We can completely customize your Landcruiser with a lot of attention to detail. You can choose our Limgene Edition body kit that gives your vehicle a much better stance. 


3. Vehicle Conversions

Let’s say you have something specific in mind for a vehicle. Usually, this is something that you won’t get straight from the showroom. And if you do, it can be really expensive. The best thing to do would be to get in touch with us and we can make it happen at a fraction of cost.

A good example of this is the Hiace and Land Cruiser platform. Our most popular conversion for this has been the ambulance conversion. These types of vehicles need to be done with many considerations in mind and our experts help you with a cost-effective approach.


4. Cost-Effective

Getting conversions or modifications or any type of fitments done from recognized partners like Allied Motors is less expensive than ordering one from the manufacturers directly. They can get cost savings when you request vehicle purchase from us customized through our partners. We also help in providing multiple material options ranging from premium to value for money options. 

What this means is that you get longevity and durability from our conversions. Your aftermarket parts and modifications will last a long time to come. You can spend your hard-earned cash on other things that you want for your car. 

As you can see, there are several ways of making your vehicle unique and your very own. At Allied Motors, we have been helping people achieve their goals when it comes to getting their dream cars. Our expert teams can help you get the most out of your automobile experience. 

Talk to us about high-quality conversions and pre-owned cars. We are more than happy to help you find the best car for you!