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New And Used Car Trader


When it comes to buying a car, there are a few things you need to consider before you start shopping. Firstly, you need to know whether you want a new or used car, and if you’re looking to buy a new car, what model you want. 


You’ll also want to look into the cost of insuring a new or used car, how much you can afford to pay monthly, and how many kms per year you expect to drive your car. You need to make a few considerations before you opt for the perfect car. 


This is where genuine car traders come into the picture. You can approach new or preowned car traders based on your preference. They can help you find the right car based on your preferences. You can also get the car quickly and a bit cheaper when you get in touch with them directly for new car export or for quality used car. 


New Vs. Pre-Owned Car Traders

There’s a significant difference between new car buyers and pre-owned car buyers. In fact, according to the Consumer Reports’ 2016 report, new car shoppers are more likely to spend more money than the average pre-owned buyer. 


That’s because pre-owned buyers have more options, leading to greater price competition and better deals. But the real reason that new car buyers tend to spend more is that they’re more likely to buy brand-new vehicle.


Pre-owned car traders have a much better idea about the overall car market. They deal with many more brands than a new car trader. You also get more choices when it comes to accessories and engine options. 


Why Choose An Expert Trader For Buying A New Car For Export And Pre-Owned Car?

You can expect a professional experience. A simple but important reason why is because you can trust them. They are professionals who have been exporting &/or selling locally with the same kind of cars and other vehicles you want for years. They will make sure you get what you need and that it meets your needs.


With the advent of the internet, buying a car has become increasingly easy. Car traders have started using the online platform either on web or mobile application strongly to promote their portfolio of new cars, electric cars, right-hand drive cars, luxury cars and pre-owned cars.


Consumers can compare prices and rates between traders online, making it even easier to find the best deal. A lot of dealerships have their own websites or use 3rd party popular sites, allowing customers to search for their ideal car without leaving the comfort of their homes.


Making Car Buying Easier – Allied Motors App

Your car buying and selling on our Allied Motors app is all about convenience. We know that consumers are busy and don’t have the time to waste looking through listings and comparing prices on websites. 


We created our app so that consumers could easily search for cars, request for test drives, and other assistance in just few minutes. You can quickly browse cars, add them to your wish-list, and even share them with your friends. 


Buying New Cars On Our App

Step 1 – Once you’ve started up the app and logged in, you should be looking at the dashboard. Click on the ‘New Car’ under the quick links section.


Step 2 – You can choose the car brand, model, color, and other preferences here. You also get a detailed list of features like technical, interior, exterior, and safety accessories. 


Step 3 – Share the car of your dreams with your friends and family. Choose from any one of the popular social platforms today. You can share this on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Other users can download the same specification as yours.


Step 4 – Get our ‘Add to Quote’ feature working for you. This can add the model you’ve specified to your account. You will be notified when the car you want is available through the app. You can also get alerts through email. 


Buying (Or Selling) Pre-Owned Cars On Our App

Step 1 – From the app’s dashboard, navigate to the ‘Pre-owned Cars’ under quick links. 


Step 2 – Choose if you want to buy or sell pre-owned cars. 


Step 3.1 – If you choose the buy option, you’ll be taken to a list of cars. Here, you can sort through the details of what you’re looking for. You can go into intricate details like the make, model, year, mileage, and more. You can also find details of service history and warranty details. 


Step 3.2 – On choosing the sell option, you can update the app with the car’s details. Like the buy option we spoke about earlier, you will need to fill in all the required details. You will also get an option to update pictures of your car’s exterior and interior views. Finally, update the personal details section, and you’re done. 


Step 4 – For both buying and selling, people can share the listing on popular social media platforms. 


Benefits Of New And Pre-Owned Car Showrooms