Mobile App Feature: Communication Made Simple With Our Latest “Add To Quote” Feature


Allied Motors ensures that our customers, existing and new, will be able to get the most out of our mobile app. Our Allied Motors app is available on both iOS and Android phones for download. It provides you with a safe and secure space to choose the right vehicle for your needs.

It is simple and intuitive, with thoughtful design elements added, elevating the user experience. We also take the utmost care to keep the app updated with the latest security protocols and features.

This is our app dashboard from where you can access all its features with just a touch on your screen.

Add To Quote Feature Explained

How Does Add To Quote Work

This feature has been added to the app to make it a much easier experience for our customers. From our dashboard, you can click on a car for more details. This takes you to this screen –

From here, clicking on the Add to Quote button will add the specified car to your quote on your account. You can also choose the number of cars of the same model that you require here.

After you’ve clicked submit, you’ll have a notification highlighting your ticket number with us. Once you’ve added it to your profile, the app notifies you if that particular car and model is available to you.

The app can also get you in touch with one of our representatives on your mobile through email, as is your preference. This makes adding the desired cars to your account easy, and you just won’t miss it.

Making Quotations Easier For You

Normally, quotations on automobiles involve a lot of back and forth with the showroom, customer, and owner. The Add to Quote feature eliminates all this with a simple and easy solution on the Allied Motors app.

You can check the availability of any car, model, and even color through the app. It can be sorted to reflect the mileage, year, and other details. You can also download the specifications of the car you’re looking to add a quotation for.

The app also provides you with all the car’s features, including technical, interior, exterior, safety, and others. It even includes the choice to share the car through your social media platform of choice.

Easy Checkout From The App

Once you are happy with your quoted price, it’s pretty easy to check out and complete your purchase. You get a detailed breakdown of the various items on your invoice, and all you need to do is pay through online bank transfer, cash or cheque and have your car delivered.

This is a far better experience than earlier when you have to coordinate between many parties to own or transfer your vehicle. This avoids wasting time from all parties and results in a much smoother experience for our customers using the app.

Key Benefits Of The Add To Quote Function

One of the biggest challenges for people looking to buy their own car is communication. It is where deals are lost, and people have to wait for months or even years to get the right car. With the Add to Quote function, we have tried to eliminate the hassles of miscommunication.

If you haven’t yet downloaded our app, now is a great time to do so. It’s available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for free. It can make the process of booking your next vehicle as easy as possible from your finger tips. We at Allied Motors are thrilled that we can offer our customers a new digital experience on the go!