Looking for an Electric Car? Follow These Top 10 Checklists

Electric Car Checklists

Why Are EVs So Popular?


EVs have quickly risen in popularity over the last few years, and there are many reasons for this uptick in EV sales –



10 things you need to know when buying an EV


1. Determine Your Needs and Budget

As someone looking for a new car, the first thing you should probably do is fix a budget you’re comfortable with. Researching what you’re looking for in a car is also important to this process. Consider factors like prevailing conditions and driving habits where you live and make a decision accordingly. 


Many people miscalculate their budget, which can result in spending too much or buying a bad car. It can lead to monetary issues down the line. 



2. Research Available Models

Something to note with EVs is that not all models will be available where you live. Research and understand different EV models, specifications, and features before you decide on a purchase. Some things to consider before buying an EV are range, charging time, cargo space, and benefits.



3. Evaluate Charging Options

One aspect that many EV buyers tend to skip is the charging ecosystem in your area. Before buying an EV, you should find out about various charging options in your neighborhood. Make a note of your trips and plan ahead to ensure that you are not stranded with a depleted battery. Also, it is important to add charging station costs when calculating spending. 



4. Understand Battery Range and Efficiency

Another important aspect of EV cars is their range and efficiency. If this is your first EV, you need to rethink the range factor compared to an ICE car completely. Your driving style and location matter much more when driving an EV. The prevailing conditions have a much bigger impact on your EV and can affect your battery’s efficiency. 



5. Consider Performance and Handling

When buying an EV, assess the different performance aspects of your car. There are a variety of performance factors across the EV model range. To understand it better, read up on a specific model’s acceleration, torque, and regenerative braking features, which can give you a good idea of what to expect when you go ahead with the purchase. 


When Buying an EV

6. Safety Features

Ensuring safety remains a paramount concern when it comes to owning any vehicle, including EVs. The current generation of EVs presents remarkable advancements in terms of safety features and electronic assistance for passengers and drivers. Before you settle on a car, inquire about advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), airbags, and impact protection systems. Remember to ask for a guided tour to gain insights into the various safety features available.



7. Test Drive and Experience

A test drive gives potential owners a chance to experience the car in person and have some time hands-on with it. Test drives are pivotal when making a purchase decision on your car and something you shouldn’t skip. You get a firsthand experience of what to expect when it comes to the car and the showroom. 



8. Read Reviews and Testimonials

Going online is the best way to find out more about the long-term ownership experience of a specific model or brand. Numerous online sources are available to acquire further details about your selected automobile. Allocate time to view videos and delve into firsthand encounters shared by fellow users. Additionally, you can also contact them directly to inquire about any specific inquiries you may have regarding the vehicle.



9. Assess Vehicle-To-Grid Capability

Vehicle-to-grid technology (V2G) is something that has been overlooked but is becoming popular. V2G allows EVs to supply power back to the electricity grid. Check if the EV you’ve chosen has this feature and your local electricity grid supports it. You can get credits on your utilities for V2G, depending on where you live.



10. Consider Resale Value

Every car owner considers resale, and it’s the same with EVs. Check online to understand how depreciation affects EVs as well as the going rate. It’s also a good idea to look into brand reputation, battery and key options.


EVs are quickly becoming the preferred choice for transportation worldwide, and it is not hard to understand why. They offer significant benefits over their ICE counterparts and, most importantly, lower automobile emissions. 


Going electric is the ideal choice if you want to future-proof your garage. It costs much lower than an ICE car and gives you numerous benefits through ownership. 


We trust this article has given you insights on how you should go about buying your first EV. If you’re still deciding on the model you should be buying, reach out to our experts at Allied Motors. We can help you add the right EV vehicle to your garage. Feel free to check out our website or contact us by phone or email!