Look Out For Our Top 10 New Cars This Season

Look out for our top 10 new cars


It’s a great time to be a car enthusiast! There are a slew of exciting cars coming to the showroom floors of Allied Motors. We’ve got everything from the scarlet beauty Ferrari SF90 to the rugged and indestructible Land Rover Defender. The forever iconic Mercedes G63 looks fantastic this year, and so too does the new model Range Rover. 


All these are available at your fingertips on the new and improved Allied Motors app (download on Appstore or Playstore). So, all it takes is a swipe on your phone from the comfort of your living room.


Top 10 Supreme Car Collections From Allied Motors 


Ferrari SF90 Stradale

No car Wishlist is complete without a Ferrari, and they’re bringing their best out of the stables this year. The SF90 Stradale checks every box of being exotic when it comes to price, desirability, and acceleration. And for the first time, Ferrari has unleashed a hybrid hyper car on the world. 



Mercedes Benz G63

One of the icons of our time when it comes to automobiles, the G63 has only gotten better over the years. It still retains the semi-boxy shape but looks supremely refined this year. It has a powerful engine and all the amenities to keep the most discerning drivers happy.



Land Rover Range Rover

The all new Range Rover has been a legend with the global elites, and it’s not hard to see why. It has elegant styling, which is timeless. You get an opulent cabin to satisfy your every whim. And the best trick it has is that it can take all this offroad without breaking a sweat.



Land Rover Defender

The Defender is the one that started the whole rugged SUV movement, and nothing has changed. If you want to off-road, there’s nothing that comes close to the Defender in terms of ability and comfort. You can also choose from a line of powertrains to suit your driving style.



Lexus LX600

Lexus is a brand that has been synonymous with luxury for decades now. With their LX600, they have considerably improved their footprint in the SUV market. It offers high performance and refinement in a great package that is hard to resist. 



Toyota LC300

The Toyota Land Cruiser is easily one of the most coveted cars on our shores. With 10 million cars sold worldwide, the LC300 is a global hit. It is a massive car but really easy to drive and handle on the road. But not just that, it shines off-road, where most people use their Land Cruisers.



Toyota Tundra

The ever dependable and practical Toyota Tundra has a new design after more than a decade. It is a classic big-pickup-style automobile with enough power and off-road ability. It has one of the biggest towing loads which is incredible. 


Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Wranglers have all been rugged SUVs that can hold their own, whether attacking the dunes or the highways. The Rubicon model is the best of the Wranglers and packs in a huge range of features and performance for the price.



Toyota Corolla Crossover

One of this list’s most popular practical options is the Toyota Corolla Crossover. It is reliable and offers a huge list of safety equipment and large cargo space. 



Toyota Raize

Designed as a compact SUV for urban settings, Toyota Raize offers ample power and technology for city driving. You get a comfortable, spacious cabin with advanced infotainment systems and convenient storage options.



Reasons Why These Cars Line Up In The Top 10

Each of these cars is handpicked for its ability to excel in more than one area. The SF90 Stradale is a blisteringly quick car. But it also adds to this mix a technologically advanced hybrid option making it a revolution in the hyper car market. 


The Range Rover, Defender, Lexus LX600, LC300, Tundra, and Wrangler Rubicon are all versatile vehicles. You can use them as your daily driver or go on an Off-Road adventure with your friends during weekends. 


When it comes to technology, all the cars on the list come with the best available in the market. From their infotainment to advanced driver assists, these are safe and connected cars.


Last but not least is reliability. We have picked the most reliable cars in the niche. Toyota and Land Rover make one of the most reliable cars in the world. The models we’ve highlighted are all dependable and easy to maintain. 


How Can Allied Motors Help You To Find The Premier Brands?

At Allied Motors, you get a wide selection of different types of automobiles, from SUVs to hyper cars to family sedans. We have a team of experts who are friendly and knowledgeable about cars. We can help customers make an informed decision when choosing the right car. Understand the market dynamics and provide flexible export and payment options.


You can also choose from a list of available cars without leaving your home with our Allied Motors app. It has all the car details, including options like models, colors, and interior trim. We are sure that browsing for the car you want has become a hugely easy task with our app!


We hope you enjoyed the list of cars we’ve got for you. These cars can considerably improve your daily drive and make you look classy. For more information contact us through our website or the app if you have any questions about these cars or others. We are waiting to hear from you!