Insider Secrets: How Our Best Android and iOS Apps provides an Edge with the New Car Buying and Selling Process.

How Our Best Android and iOS Apps provides an Edge with the New Car Buying and Selling Process


Car trading has been going on since the world first saw these magnificent machines. People have been buying and selling their cars for a really long time now. But those of you who are keen observers of the car trading landscape have noticed a few changes of late. Things that have made car trading much easier and more convenient. Yes, we are talking about car trading B2B apps!


Allied Motors has been a premier player in the region for automobile buying and selling. To make car trading effortless for you, we’d like to introduce our Allied Motors car app. Available for both Apple and Android devices, it is feature-rich and helps you get the most out of your car trading experience on the go. 


Without further ado, let’s take a glimpse into the most important features of car trading apps that are available for users today.


Android and iOS Car Trading App Features

1. Power of Real-Time Master Search

What is the one function that is critical to car trading? You’re right – it’s the search function. With a huge number of brands, models, and trims for cars, finding the right one can be extremely difficult without a proper search function. This is where the power of master search can reduce time wastage.


A master list contains all the required details of the car that is stored on a cloud database. Real-time search can give users the convenience of finding the car they want in a split second. And since the database is updated in real-time, they won’t face any disappointments during the process. 


2. Streamlined Inventory Management

Inventory management becomes of paramount importance when you’re searching for cars to buy or sell. In the earlier days, you needed to contact the showroom or had to visit each dealership in person to do an inventory check or to make any transaction, which is a tedious process.


This is where a car trading app can really improve the quality of life of a car enthusiast. The entire inventory is updated as soon as there are any changes in the stock movement. What this means is up-to-date information right at the person’s fingertips and help make transactions quickly and efficiently.


3. Dynamic Pricing Strategies

It goes without saying that pricing is an indispensable part of the car trading experience. You want the lowest rate when buying and the highest when selling. Our modern car trading app has a dynamic pricing feature; whereby, the price is adjusted based on demand and supply. With our dynamic pricing, you can be assured that your sale won’t take a long time.


Android and iOS Car Trading App Features

4. Connected to Social Media

Being connected is a part of your ecosystem, but can this extend to car trading apps as well? Oh yes, it does! Contemporary car trading apps can connect to your favorite social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. The advantage here is that you can quickly share any information about the car directly to your feed.


It helps you get a large number of people interested, which can increase your chances of a potential sale. Connecting with socials also allows people to get in touch with you on the platform rather than being limited to just phone or email.


5. Enhanced User Privacy Protection

With the number of things tied to your identity, data privacy protection has become serious today. The problem is that your phone stores all your personal data, including passwords, account numbers, and other easily compromised information. When you are installing an app on your mobile phone, you need to be sure that all security measures are in place.


Advanced apps like The Allied Motors app have clearly defined guidelines about user data usage. We endeavor to keep everything transparent, so you know exactly how we use your data. We also have powerful security protocols that prevent your data from being compromised when using the app. 


Technology has made the world a smaller place, and that holds true for car enthusiasts. With a car trading app like The Allied Motors app, we have made car buying seamless and secure. 


Apart from car trading, our app also has a number of features like inventory, services, and messaging, just to name a few. If you’re looking for a car app that can do everything, we are sure you’ll love the Allied Motors app! Look for a download link on our website or search for “Allied Motors app” on either the App Store or the Play Store.