Family Electric Cars Lead the Way forward For Sustainable Road Transport

Family Electric Cars

The concept of sustainable transport has taken hold within society at large. Yet, many people do not take full advantage of electric vehicles. The electric car industry has been growing and adapting to modern trends. However, electric vehicles are still largely associated with the old ways of thinking. 

The truth is that electric cars are becoming a part of the mainstream – their time has come. Electric vehicles provide a safer, cleaner, and cheaper alternative to conventional gas-powered cars. These cars do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere and has longevity due to limited moving parts. 

The electric vehicle revolution is a key part of the transport revolution; electric vehicles are the future. As battery technology improves, prices continue to fall, and range is constantly improving. This makes the electric car an increasingly attractive and realistic option for more and more people.


Why Electric Cars Are Becoming More Popular

There are several reasons why electric cars are becoming safer in the long term. Let’s take a look at a few of them below:

1. Easier Maintenance

The electric car uses fewer moving parts than the gasoline car. In addition, it has no mechanical parts such as piston engines and transmission systems that can wear out. But it uses several other wear and tear components similar to a gasoline powered vehicle. 

Ensure that you visit your dealers regularly and get the necessary maintenance done. They can top off fluids and lubrication for the drivetrain and keep it running like new. Also, don’t park your EVs out in the sun too long as it can lower battery life. 


2. Tax Benefits

Tax incentives are a huge part of making EVs a lot more pocket friendly to owners. Most countries offer significant tax benefits for EVs. It can make a huge difference to the total cost of owning one. 


3. Cleaner Running Car

An electric car naturally runs much cleaner than an ICE car. They don’t burn any fuel, and so emit zero harmful gases and emissions. 


Family Electric Cars Lead the Way forward For Sustainable Road Transport


4. Better Efficiency

Electric cars are better efficient than gasoline-powered cars. This means that the energy required to run an electric car is much lower and cheaper than a gasoline-powered vehicle. This makes electric cars more efficient overall.


5. Cleaner Environment

Since electric cars aren’t producing any pollutants, their emission levels are considerably lower than traditional gasoline-fueled cars. In fact, an electric vehicle’s emissions are equivalent to only one-eighth of those from a normal car.


6. Quieter

One of the biggest benefits of an electric car is its lower noise level. Many people will point out that reduced noise pollution makes electric vehicles more popular. Electric vehicles are quieter, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly.


7. Less Dangerous

ICE vehicles in use were fueled by petrol or diesel, which emit large quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Electric cars use zero fuel and run off only batteries.


8. Utilize Existing Infrastructure

There are no major changes in the infrastructure to provide electricity; it’s already in place and available. Electric vehicles charging are a lot cheaper and with the options of Installing an universal EV charger at home proves helpful if you don’t have an EV charging station nearby. With an electric car charger plugged at home, you can recharge your vehicle whenever required. You can save a lot of time by charging when you don’t need to drive.


EVs From Allied Motors


1. Volkswagen ID.4 ELECTRIC 

The Volkswagen ID.4 is one of the best practical electric cars providing tranquility for driver and passengers. It is comfortable and comes with a powerful 201 hp single motor. The car is based on VW’s new MEB platform. It has a range of about 450 kms per charge. It has DC fast charging, so you don’t have to wait too long to top up your battery. 


2. Volkswagen ID.6 ELECTRIC

As a slightly bigger version of the ID.4, the Volkswagen ID.6 is an EV crossover with a range of 550 kms that can accommodate 6/7 occupants. With much more upmarket interior, it has a lot of interior space with adequate standard key features making it a great choice for families. 



Filling the sparsely populated compact EV SUV market, the Toyota C-HR is a great addition to any family. It has great styling backed by the typical Toyota dependability. It has enough space to carry five adults in comfort with comfortable trunk space for luggage. It has a range of 400 kms which is great compared to other cars in this range. 


4. Hyundai Lafesta ELECTRIC

Hyundai enters the electric sedan market with the LaFesta EV. It looks almost identical to its ICE cousin, except it has electric badging over it. It has a sporty stance with great interior features and  is a great addition to any garage. The LaFesta has a range of about 490 kms per charge and takes upto 8-9 hrs for getting a full charge. 


5. Renault Zoe 

If you’re looking for a smaller car with a decent range and for daily urban commute, Renault Zoe is the one to buy. It is reasonably priced and is quite efficient for its size. It has all the key features required for stress free driving conditions. It gives you a range of 350 kms on a full charge, and a 30-minute rapid charge will give you around 140 kms. The interior is more practical and comfortable for regular commuters.