Enhance Your Ride: New Cars Ready For Immediate Sale On Our Mobile App

New Cars Ready For Immediate Sale On Our Mobile App


One of the most significant advancements for car trader enthusiasts has been car trading apps. They help people get a good idea of what cars are available and the prevailing market price, all with a glance at their phones. Gone are the days when you had to plan your entire day on visiting car dealerships to find the right car for your needs. Sit in the comfort of your living room and flick through the available options on your phone!


When discussing car apps, the Allied Motors app is one of the best car-buying platforms you can download. It is available on both Apple and Android devices. With its intuitive interface and host of features, it’s a treat to use if you love cars.


Now, let’s do a bit of a deep dive into our Allied Motors app to find out how it can benefit you.


1. Instant Access to Inventory

We’ve spoken to most of our customers, and the best benefit they can get by far has been instant access to our massive car garage. Allied Motors has partners locally and internationally. The advantage this offers our clients is that they can choose variety of cars depending on what they’re looking for.


This huge number of cars would be challenging to handle unless they had an app to access them with. With a huge number of search options, Allied Motors app users can pinpoint what they want. And with a garage as huge as ours, they’re guaranteed to find it as well!


2. Streamlined Purchasing Process

Apart from car choices, are there any other benefits that the Allied Motors app provides you? Of course, it does! Buying a car, especially a model that is exported, is never easy. There are hundreds of things that you need to check and verify, not to mention the huge number of hurdles when it comes to legalities and documentation.


But there’s no need to worry about all this red tape when you’re dealing with Allied Motors! We have a lot of experience dealing with exporting cars, and we know the entire process, regardless of which country you’re getting your car from. We endeavor to make the purchasing process as easy and simple for you as possible. 


Benefits of Using Allied Motors APP

3. Real-Time Updates and Notifications

Are you looking to buy a car that is unavailable, and you aren’t sure when it will come back in stock? With the Allied Motors app, you can get real-time updates and notifications on any model that you’ve selected. It completely does away with the tedious task of calling your car dealers to enquire about it completely irrelevant. 


You can highlight multiple automobiles from your account, and that app will ensure that you get instant notifications if there are any changes in availability. This feature can be supremely useful if you’re after a rare and exotic car.


4. Personalized Recommendations

One aspect that all our customers appreciate about the Allied Motors app is the intelligent, personalized recommendations the app provides. Our development team ensures that the app learns from your preferences and provides the right options to choose from. This means you don’t waste time sifting through random selections of cars that you’re never going to like.


Another feature of our app is that it can connect you to our executives for more information on a particular model. You can get in touch either by direct messaging or call. This makes our Allied Motors app smart but also convenient when you want the input of an automobile expert from our showroom.


5. Customer Support

All the features in the world wouldn’t make up for the lack of proper customer support, and Allied Motors knows this! Our app makes customer support access super easy. All you need to do is tap ‘Chat’ and choose to either message or talk. If you choose to chat, you will be put across to an automobile expert who can help you get your doubts clarified.

For calls, we will get our representatives to call your registered mobile at the earliest. Wait times are minimal when you ask for a follow-up call, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting timely help from us. As a prominent car exporter, we take great pride in our customer service network. We’re sure that our experts can solve any issues that you might have.

When we set out to make the app, we wanted to create something that would appeal to all levels of car enthusiasts – from the experts to the first timers. Today, the Allied Motors app can be your one-stop shop for everything car-related. It offers a number of functionalities from your phone, including buying of cars, reading manuals, connecting with our experts, and more. 

There has never been a more powerful tool for the consummate auto enthusiast. Available both on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, go to the link to download it now and get started on YOUR car journey!