Cars At Your Fingertip – Buy Or Sell Pre-Owned Cars Using Our Mobile App

 Buy Or Sell Pre-Owned Cars Using A Mobile App

Buying and selling pre-owned cars is usually associated with visiting many dealers until you find the one you like. But today, it doesn’t have to be so tedious. Today’s technology ensures that you can find the car you like or sell your car all while tapping on your phone. 

Using mobile apps, you can browse through hundreds of cars from the showroom without traveling to them. It helps people find what they want in a much lesser timespan than earlier. This means they can be a bit more flexible with their budget and save money as well. 


Why Are People Interested In Buying A Pre-Owned Car And What Are The Benefits?

You’ve probably heard the statistics about how many people are buying used cars these days. The number are steadily increasing and customers interest on used cars are growing year on year as the benefits outweighs the risk. 


Bigger Selection Of Cars

One of the key benefits is that you get a lot more brands and models to choose from in the pre-owned market. You also don’t need to worry about availability. Any specification you want is right there in the showroom for you to pick up. 


Save A Lot On Costs

A new car is expensive, especially when you’re looking for an exotic brand or model. Buying it pre-owned will cut down costs of ownership considerably. It can help you save money and spend on more important things like insurance, fuel, fitments & etc.


Lose Less Money During Trade-Ins

If you buy a new car, you’ll lose a lot of money when you sell it. On the other hand, pre-owned cars lose you much less money. This makes them a great choice for long-term ownership. Depreciation values are much lower on pre-owned cars than when bought new.



What Are Things To Remember While Buying Or Selling Pre-Owned Cars?


Allied Motors App: Buy Or Sell Pre-Owned Cars 

As mobile apps have become more powerful, they offer more services for their users. The Allied Motors app is an all-inclusive automobile buying and selling experience. You can buy or sell effectively using the app from the comfort of your living room. 

The Allied Motors app has a user-friendly interface and gives you a lot of options to choose from. On the home dashboard, there are Quick Links that direct you to the most commonly used features on the app. You can find the Pre-Owned Cars button right there and tap on it to take you to our inventory. From here, there are two options you can choose – buy or sell.


Buying Pre-owned Cars 

Clicking on the ‘Buy’ button will take you through a roster of high quality 99pt checked pre-owned cars we have in our showroom. It clearly lists the name of the car, model number, year, and color. It has dropdown menus that have all the details of the car, including technical specifications and other features. 

It also covers transmission, mileage, dealer warranty, and fuel type details. Finally, you can also share this listing on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. 


Selling Your Car

There are also several functionalities in the app that allow you to sell your car effectively. Once you click Sell, the app will take you through a step-by-step process where you can fill in the details and images of your vehicle. 

Add details like brand, model, transmission, condition, and color, to name a few. There is also an image upload module where you can add pictures of your car from various angles. Interior shots from both the driver’s side and passenger’s side also need to be included with reference guide illustrated. 

The last step is to add in any notable details of the car in the Details tab, and you’re done. Our purchase team will review the submitted information and proceed with further inspection of the vehicle at your doorstep and offer a fair market price.


Allied Motors Mobile App

Now you can have complete control of your car buying and selling experience from anywhere. All you need to do is download your Allied Motors Mobile App from Appstore or Playstore, register and keep track of the latest updates in the market. You need to worry about no fees or addons – everything works as it should.