Breakthrough of New and Used Cars from Small Sedans to SUVs Functioning On EV Platforms

New and Used Cars from Small Sedans to SUVs

Electric vehicles (EVs) production are on the rise all across the world. The reason for the increased adoption is simple. Consumers are looking for fuel efficient, cleaner, more sustainable options to get around town. They know they need to take action to reduce their environmental impact and save on high fuel cost. 

Smaller fuel-efficient and hybrid engine vehicles have already capitalized the market in present situation, and with more global brands launching EV cars as part of their lineup, people can take an effective first step to protect our planet and save on high fuel cost in long run. More consumers have started moving or planning on adopting EV cars due to limited or no supply for Hybrid Cars, and with more distance range coverage on a full charge EV cars have started taking precedence over other types of engines. Major developments in battery technology are gradually pushing the EV to the top of the consumer’s wishlist when they decide on their next new car. 


The EV Revolution – Improving On ICE And Hybrid

Internal combustion engines (ICE) were conceived when oil reserves were plentiful and low fuel price. Not just that, we didn’t understand the impact burning fossil fuels would have on various ecological systems. But today, with the change in global perspective, we are all moving towards a newer, better method of transportation. 

The EV revolution is upon us. Surprisingly, this is not the first time we’ve seen batteries replacing fuel in vehicles. In the early 1900s, we had the electrification of vehicles, and it began to transform transportation. With battery electric cars, fuel cells, and hydrogen-powered vehicles, the EV revolution has arrived again. 

But this time, we have the opportunity to impact our environment much more. With the rise of renewable energy and solar power, EVs are becoming more affordable meeting different budget needs. There is also a growing concern with global warming and other ecological issues. 

While EVs are not a magical solution to the problem, they can help slow down environmental breakdown in a big way. Hybrids have been popular for a long time now. The Toyota C-HR Hybrid and Highlander Hybrid are one of the most popular models globally. EVs take this one step further by completely doing away with the combustion engine. 


While the EV revolution started in the 1900s with the development of the first electric car, the modern EV movement began in 2007. That’s when Tesla created its Model S, which became a figurehead for the company. 

The success of Tesla Model ‘3’ having the all-time best selling electric car lead the way to other EV manufacturers to fast track their EV business units. Today, there are nearly 60 different EV models actively available in the market. You can easily get an EV with a range of about 300 to 600 kms on a single charge. This would be unthinkable even a few years ago. 


There are several benefits to owning an EV compared to other types of vehicles like ICE or hybrid. The most important thing is the operating expenses for a vehicle. With an EV, owners experience up to 30% more savings in costs and maintenance on average compared to ICE.

Another benefit is that EVs have fewer moving parts, so you don’t need frequent maintenance as most of the updates are over-the-air software updates. With much efficient electric motors, you also get a lot of interior cabin space. Something to note is also the absence of a driveshaft in EV vehicles. 


Now is a great time to opt for an EV. With better technology, the range of EVs is good enough to reach beyond just city driving. The costs of maintaining an EV car is lot much lesser and with lot of benefits, that outweighs buying a similar car with conventional engine.


As we move towards the future, it’s time to reduce our carbon footprint. A big move towards reduced emissions is EVs. The more people adopt them in the future, the better it is for the planet. 


Our Top Picks For You

We have a huge range of EV vehicles to choose from in our showroom. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


Budget Tips For New EV Car Owners

New owners should realize that the upfront cost of an EV can be a bit higher. But remember, there are a lot of incentives that can lower your buying price. You will also spend less money driving it, which will result in savings in the long run due to limited maintenance and nominal or no fees for using charging facility. 

In the UAE, you can also get incentives at both federal and local levels. You can get green auto-loan from prominent banks, dedicated parking with charging facility, complimentary salik tag* and most importantly zero carbon emission for every kilometer driven.



There is a huge surge in electric vehicles being produced and sold today. Battery technology is improving rapidly, and costs are getting lower every year. All these factors make EVs an incredibly good investment for the future. 

By around 2035, all countries aim to stop manufacturing ICE-engine cars. This makes EV the only option that is viable for the long term. Check out the Allied Motors website for more details. We have a great app that you can download on either the App Store or Play Store. Just search for the “Allied Motors app,” and you can review our live inventory on the GO!