Best Possible Ways to Address New And Preowned Car Exporters

New & Preowned Car Exporters


Getting a new car is almost always a happy and much-cherished event in a person’s life. Depending on the choice of automobile, it might be a huge step up from what you currently drive. A new car is more often an emotional decision as much as it is practical for buyers. 

People opting to buy a car have two choices about where they can get their cars. They are buying it new from a dealer or choosing a model from a pre-owned car showroom. There are benefits to both methods – the choice comes down to what you want.

Finding the right dealer for your dream car can be challenging, especially if you haven’t done this before. We can give you a few tips to get the most out of your car buying experience. 


Tips And Tricks To Discover The Best Exporters

There are a lot of car exporters in Dubai, but the key is to understand how to pick the right one. You need to find a showroom that fits your needs and has the kind of cars you want. They might also offer you the option of buying new or used from their showroom. It is important to have a plan when looking for a car exporter. 


1. Check Website

The first and easiest thing you can do is check their website. Every legitimate car dealer should have their own website with all the information you need to make your decision. The more updated the information is, the easier it is for you to buy your dream car. 

The Allied Motors website and mobile app features all types of new and quality preowned cars with all the details you need before deciding your next car. You’re greeted first by a splash screen that lets you scroll through all our premium models for sale. There is also an option to sort by manufacturers if you wish to. 

Scrolling further down, you get choices for electric, premium luxury, value, and current stock, just to mention a few. Clicking on them will bring up the vital information about the vehicle selected and seamlessly you can procced if it meets your requirements by adding it to your quote.  


2. Gather Basic Details

The next step is to find out all the basic details of the car exporter. You can do this again with a Google search and reading through their business listing. Most competent car dealerships have their locations added to the map. Clicking this helps you navigate to their showroom quickly and easily. 

Most companies also communicate through their social feed. You can also find more details about them on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also try pinging them on there social media handle to get in touch.


Best Possible Ways to Address New And Preowned Car Exporters


3. Online Reviews And Reputation

Reviews are a huge part of what makes a successful exporter. Becoming a popular car exporter is not just about the cars they sell but about their customer service. Going through reviews online can help you ascertain their reputation and understand how they can be a good fit for you. 

Before you make a deal with them, make it a point to talk to their representative. It can give you insights into what they can offer you regarding cars and service. 


4. Categories Of Models

Car dealers have a list of categories they offer to their customers. This might vary depending on the location of the dealer and their expertise. The categories might be car body styles, regions, or powertrains. 

Allied Motors offers you one of the widest inventories for all car exporters. We have automobiles from all over the world, including The USA, Japan, Europe, the UK, and other areas. We can also help you get powerful electric cars or ICE as per your preference. Our inventory also includes all colors and models of the cars, which you can choose from a simple drop-down menu.


5. 99 Points Checklist

As a buyer, you should only opt for buying cars from quality preowned dealers. The reason is simple – quality preowned dealers have a lot more credibility as the process of buying and selling cars are done expertly. It basically means that you will get a quality car with 99 point checked that exceeds your satisfaction without any delays and at a great price. 

Quality preowned dealers, such as, Allied Motors also offer much better customer services and buyer protection plans. You won’t have to regret opting for a certified car exporter because they offer peace of mind. 


Newly Launched Cars

Cars are getting better and filled to the brim with the latest technology, and we ensure to bring the first production vehicles at Allied Motors. 

Check out the brand new Ferrari SF90 STRADALE with a Hybrid Engine spanking 500+ HP at the wheel and a V6 under the hood. It is blisteringly fast with huge 20-inch sporty wheels and advanced transmission providing fuel efficiency and adrenaline rush. It has the most advanced driver assistance features in the industry, so it’s safe. 

Maybe it’s a luxury SUV you prefer, so look no further than the Maybach GLS 600. The 2022 version comes with a host of features and luxury touches. It also gets a powerful 550 HP 4.0-liter engine that gives it plenty of acceleration on the open roads. 

If it’s raw American horsepower you want today, the Corvette Stingray can be your machine of choice. It is super light and puts out 495 HP from its gigantic 6.2L engine. You can get it with the special sports package, which includes upgraded brakes, suspension, and a Z51 spoiler. 



Choosing the right exporter can be tough, but with us, it’s as simple as navigating to our website and choosing what you want. To make it even easier for our customers, we also have the Allied Motors app on both the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. Our app is intuitive, easy to work with, and has a host of features. It can make your car buying journey as easy as possible. 

Visit us now, and let’s get you the car you’ve always dreamed of at Allied Motors!