5 Reasons To Sell Your Old Car & Upgrade To An Electric Car

Electric car

A car is a personal choice for people, but can it be even more practical? With the advent of technologically advanced electric cars in the market, this is a definite yes. Electric cars of today are much more advanced than before. They have significantly more range and are much easier to live with than fossil fuel-powered cars. 

If you’re still holding on to an internal combustion engine car, this might be a good time to shift to more practical electric car. There are several tangible options in the market that can help you reduce spending.


5 Reasons You Should Sell Your ICE Car And Go Electric


1. Electric Cars Are The Future

Most governments have announced their plans for a fully electric transportation future. There are deadlines floating around for stopping the sale of ICE cars and moving to electric. The need of the hour is a mode of transport that provides environmental benefits. 

Combustion-engine cars are slowly but surely being phased out of6 regular production as more Electric Cars are being rolled out. It is better to adopt an electric car lifestyle now rather than later. Plus, there are other tangible benefits to owning an electric car. 


2. Costs Less To Run Per KM

One of the electric cars’ biggest advantages over ICE cars is the reduced cost per kilometer. Electric cars can reduce a big portion of operation costs for the average family, when shifting to electric cars as a primary mode of transport for your family. 

Zero costs on fuel mean you can use the money saved for your other needs. You can worry about costs less and enjoy the ride more with electric cars. 


Reason you should sell your ice caar

3. Save Cash On Maintenance

Limited or less maintenance is another advantage of electric car ownership. We all know how expensive some ICE cars are because of the number of moving parts, keeping them in good shape is difficult and expensive. 

Opting for an electric car can significantly cut down on maintenance costs. The reason is simple – there are fewer parts in an electric car. The only regular maintenance you will run into is topping up fluids. It is cheap to run and won’t break the bank.


4. Benefit Offered to Adopt EV Vehicles

Every country offers several benefits for switching to electric cars. Every Government authority are strongly encouraging the shift to electric cars and other non-fuel burning mode of transport. 

The Emirate of Dubai has launched various benefits for EVs. This includes nominal Green Auto loan by private banks, dedicated parking spaces, Salik tags, and very nominal fee for charging through public charge points. More benefits and infrastructure setup are in the pipeline being planned to increase the EV adoption in the UAE. 


5. Charging Infrastructure Is Improving 

The future of electric cars is on the horizon and charging infrastructure is improving to make it easier for consumers to have a smooth transition. As more people shift to electric vehicles, the demand for energy needed to charge this vehicle will rise too. 

According to the International Energy Agency, global electricity demand is expected to grow 50 percent by 2040. We already see that EV charging points are coming up at a rapid pace in major cities around the world and gradually cascade to more cities with more practical cost-efficient charging solutions.


Tips On Switching From Combustion To Electric

The first thing you will need to get used to as a driver is an immediate acceleration. EVs can get to high speed quickly, and with single gear shift and no engine noise you will not feel the quick acceleration. But once you do, the experience is more relaxing than an ICE car. 

Every EV car needs to have an electric car charger installed at your home. This is where you can charge your EV after you use it. Your EV may not require daily charging if you only use it around town. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the status of your battery. Your car’s app will keep you notified of battery health. Remember not to overcharge the battery and only charge when required. Doing this can keep your battery in good condition for far longer. 


Buy Your First Electric Car

Buying your first EV can be an exciting experience if you haven’t owned one. The driving characteristics are completely different from fuel-powered cars, and they gain speed a lot more quickly. 

If you want the best electric car, get in touch with the most popular reseller in the Middle East, Allied Motors. We have access to  huge range of EV source suited to your taste. Talk to us, and we can help you choose the right EV for you.


Converting Your ICE Car To Electric

There are several ways you can convert your existing fossil fuel-powered car to electric. The best and practical ways is to trade in your old vehicle at the dealership to gain better savings on a new electric vehicle. There are lot of dealership options offering better market value and to ensure you get the best market value is to reach out to Allied Motors offering easy solution if you are planning to shift to EV cars.


Electric Car Specifications

There are several important specifications that you should keep in mind when choosing an electric car. The most important aspect of electric car buying is the range. The higher the range, the better investment it is in the long run. 

Check out the warranty on the battery. Most EV manufacturers offer upto eight-year or 100,000-km warranty on their batteries. 

Charging time is another vital aspect of EV ownership. As an EV owner, you want the fastest charging car for hassle-free performance. The three standards of charging are Standard, Fast, and Rapid. Opt for cars with all types of charging option as they have the most flexible charging options. 


General Tips For EV Ownership

Buying a new EV car is great for the environment and you. Today’s electric cars provide a safe and comfortable way to get around town. Ensure that you monitor your battery charge levels and check before you use the car. Understand all your tax benefits and rebates before you go to the showroom to buy the car. 

Allied Motors are the best people to contact if you want more information about EVs. We can give you effective buying advice and tips for a wide range of EVs that are perfect for you and your family.